UAE Event

Come to meet property and real estate industry experts from UAE on September 18, 19 and 20, 2020 for the inaugural UAE-wide virtual real estate show organized by IVPS. ENTRY IS FREE upon registration (click on the link below to register).

Situated off the North-Eastern coast of the Arabian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates, better known by its abbreviated name UAE, is a sovereign country founded in 1971. The UAE has been classified by the United Nations as one of the 51 high-income economies of the world.

The UAE boasts one of the most business-friendly systems in the world and serves as a crucial global financial and logistics hub. Through intelligent state-backed initiatives, the country has been further diversifying its foothold in across various sectors. The country is also considered to be one of the most expat-friendly regions in the world, with the expat population accounting for nearly 89% of the total residential population.

The UAE currently accounts for nearly 7% of the world's oil production and it contributes to around 30% of the nation's total GDP. Other important industries of the country include air-transportation, shipping, finance and tourism. With the government promoting investment and growth across various other sectors, the country is also rapidly experiencing growth in other advanced industrial sectors like construction, communications, IT, health and education. Through this growth, the country has been constantly attracting top global professionals working across multiple sectors.

The growth across other sectors in the UAE has also translated into the growth of the property sector, with this demand projected to rise steadily over the next decade. To enable the country to better adapt with this expected overall growth, national and international real-estate and financial agencies have been steadily planning and investing in medium and long-term property projects across several strategic parts of the country. In addition to residential properties, commercial and industrial properties are also attracting big investment across the country.

While the recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions across the world, with its visionary leadership and responsive approach, the UAE has been predicted to become one of the earliest recovering nations once the pandemic subsides. The real-estate sector can thus be realistically expected to begin making rapid recovery beyond the pandemic.

To help prepare investors and prospective residents for recovery and growth beyond the current situation, we are rolling out our innovative UAE-wide virtual property show that will enable you to look for properties and find great deals across the Emirates, right from the comfort of your home. We welcome you all to join in the International Virtual Property Show this September. 

Be safe and ready for the future.