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On June 06, 07 and 08, 2020, come to meet Dubai Property Experts on the1st Dubai virtual real estate show organized by IVPS, FREE entry upon registration (registration on the link below).

Situated at the North Eastern coast of the Arabian peninsula, the United Arab Emirates, better known by its abbreviated name UAE, has consistently featured in the list of the most peaceful and prosperous nations on the planet for the past three decades.

With one of the most business-friendly systems in the world, the country has successfully sustained high economic growth and diversification over the last three decades. Although oil is the country's biggest export, intelligent government-backed infrastructure development and investment decisions have enabled the development of multiple industrial and service sectors, with the non-oil economy currently accounting for around 70% of the country's GDP.

Through its open economy and an expatriate-friendly employment opportunities, the UAE continues to attract highly skilled workforce from across the planet working across diverse sectors.

Dubai proudly stands as the biggest city of UAE, with a population of over 3.3 million. Boasting the world's third busiest international airport and the tenth busiest cargo port. The city has firmly established itself as one of the most important cities on the planet.

Dubai is already host to over 30 special industrial zones, which have attracted hundreds of thousands of skilled professionals to the city from all corners of the globe. With even more investment planned by the government leading up to Expo 2020, the city can easily be expected to jump upwards from its current fourth position in the near future.

Buoyed by this consistent growth, Dubai's real estate sector has also seen rapid growth for over a decade. Keeping in mind the potential growth of the near future, the local government has planned several positive reforms in the real-estate sector, including the reduction of property transaction fees by 50% and a smarter online property transfer system through the Real Estate Self Transaction (REST) system.

Additionally, the government has also planned the introduction of the a 10-year Golden Visa program to attract foreign investors, artists, engineers, doctors and exceptional students to further enhance the human capital of the city.

While the recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions across the world, with its visionary leadership and responsive approach, Dubai is being predicted to become one of the earliest recovering cities once the pandemic subsides. Dubai recently postponed the dates of the Expo 2020 to October 2021 and announced several relief measures for investors and residents to help the city recover and grow even in this globally adverse situation.

The real-estate sector can thus be realistically expected to begin making immediate recovery beyond the pandemic. To help prepare investors and prospective residents for recovery and growth beyond the current situation, we have planned an innovative virtual property show that will enable you to look for properties and find great deals, right from the comfort of your home. We welcome you all to join in the International Virtual Property Show this June. Be safe and ready for the future.


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