In tune with our world modern communication, this virtual 3D show allows you to overcome constraints related to travel such as property shows or another existing physical events.

The world has no borders, no distance ... Whether you are in South or North America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Oceania, come and meet major real estate players to define and conclude your real estate investment project. You will also be able to get information for running business or hotel, offices, setting up a business, various projects, etc.

This event guarantees you to have complete or even tailor-made information without any travelling. Whether you are unable to travel (sanitary or other measures), living abroad, expatriates, investors, professionals aiming to acquire main residences or rental investments, this virtual event is for you.

If you want to :

  • Buy your main or secondary residence
  • Find your land and build your house
  • Optimize your taxation
  • Take a business or hotel
  • Create additional income from rental investment
  • Develop my heritage

Exhibitor types :

  • Property developers
  • Real estate agencies and Property management
  • Asset managers
  • Interior designers
  • Architects
  • Individual house builders
  • Banks and financing organizations
  • Notaries…

Come and meet the exhibitors on their booths or attend our podcast or live conferences.

Come-on, free access after registration event page on same website.

International Virtual Property Show